Now we are going to give you some small tips to customize your BOOKPLATE and thus make it a success.

First tip to customize your bookplate

The first thing you should do is a little reflection on the tastes or likings that have who is going to enjoy it.

Think about what image It would be the one that would best represent him.

For that, we have separated the images by categories (Sports, professions, animals, plants, etc …).

In this way, if you have clear hobbies or better qualities in which you will base your personalized bookplate, everything will be easier.


If you have doubts, our recommendation would be to mount your Bookplate based on an image that represents the work of the person who will use the Bookplate.

An important part of society is proud of its professional work and it stands out habitual in their conversations, relationships, etc …

You’ll also hit with some motive of nature (favorite animal, a tree or plant, etc …) This facet It is easy to guess in people because they show it clearly in their environment.

If it is going to be a personalized bookplate on the occasion of a specific event (wedding, baptism, anniversary, graduation, …), the choice will be easier. In that case, the recommendation will be to add the date of the event to the image that represents it. In this way, with the passage of time, the Bookplate will take more value. This is a very good option to give a personalized Bookplate.

You can customize your bookplate with your own image

You can also use your own personalized image or design to make your personalized bookplate. You can easily upload it at the end of the process of purchasing your Bookplate.

And of course, if you need the help of our designers to make the image, you just have to send an email with the image that you would like to use accompanied by some explanation and we will get with it.

Or simply send us an email requesting some ideas or tips to customize bookplate

This work has a cost depending on the complexity of what you request. To know exactly, it is It is necessary to receive the mail with the image to be treated and the indications.

Note, logically it is more easy if the image you send is black and white.

You are one of our images, or one designed by you, do not forget that you can choose between thirteen different colors of ink so that your personalization of your Bookplate be more original still.

Take advantage of the fact that the tampon is now a gift !!! Once again, makes the difference.

The second tip to customize your Bookplate is to choose the hilt.

You have more than fifteen different models and qualities. Each of them combines specific materials. Since in we think that each person feels better represented or more identified by a specific material and in this way you can customize your Bookplate highlighting the character or personality also through a specific material.

Or simply let yourself be carried away by the taste and select the handle that catches your attention the most. Be that as it may, it is certain that you will succeed. This option of the handle in different materials and finishes, is an exclusive of that marks a clear difference with other less developed and simpler market options.


The third advice would be to choose the box

This, apparently, is the simplest option of the process, but nothing further from reality.

Think that the Bookplate will be put in its box until it is used. So the box will be what more time is in sight.

In addition, when delivering the personalized Bookplate, the box will be the first that it is seen, reason why it is not necessary to never take advantage of the occasion of cause a first good impression and thus double surprise our honored

Many times it’s so important in the continent as the content.

And remember, is the only manufacturer that offers you all the personalized boxes in the image and likeness of your personalized bookplate.

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Wood, metal or cardboard are the three original options that we propose to present your Bookplate. Which better option.

ex libris personalizados

We have gone crazy, we are giving away the cardboard box with the purchase of your personalized Bookplate !!!

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With these tips to customize bookplate and you will surely get it right.

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