The colors to customize our bookplate

The colors to customize our Bookplate, say both of us as the hilt or the image. Therefore, it is important to consider this blog post to ensure that the customization of our Bookplate is perfect.

The psychology of color

The psychology of color is the «how» we react to some colors or others. And at we ask ourselves about the possibility of choosing the color of the printing of our Bookplate, with which we will customize all our books, writings or documents, what color should I choose for my Bookplate?

The color with which we paint our house, we dress or sign says a lot about us. In the case of our Bookplate we want the color of the print to represent us. To choose the perfect color for our Bookplate, we should consider what the famous color psychology tells us.

The psychology of color is a field of study that is aimed at analyzing how we perceive and behave in different colors, as well as the emotions that these tones create in us. When we use our Bookplate to personalize our beloved books, the color of the print will also tell us a lot.

When designing our Bookplate step by step, we must remember that warm colors, such as red, orange or yellow are those that instill warmth while cold colors, such as green or blue provide calm.

However, we want our Bookplate to be totally unique. Therefore, we go further into the psychology of color and study colors individually to be able to find the perfect color for our Bookplate.

Only offers thirteen colors.

Colors to customize our Bookplate,

The thirteen colors of ink we offer to complete your design are the following:

Red, blue, yellow, pink, brown, black, light blue, dark green, light green, lilac, burgundy, orange and white.


Red: It is the color of the kings, of joy and danger. We recommend it for those looking to leave their most personal brand with their Bookplate.

Blue: it is more related to maturity, serenity and calm. Definitely values for an Bookplate for someone more mature.

Yellow: this color represents light and gold and is usually related to strength, happiness and wealth. For a high-flying Bookplate

Rosa: symbolizes the tender and the small. Perfect tone for an Bookplate that can also be used by the smallest of the house.

Brown: is the color of autumn, cozy, strong flavors and secret love. It is related to experience and comfort and moves us to times before ours. Maybe an Bookplate for a gift to a secret love?

Black: represents elegance, the occult, mystery and power. It has been the most common color in the Bookplate.

Custom Bookplate
Collection Bookplate

Light blue: it is the color of harmony, fidelity and sympathy. If you want your Bookplate to transmit these emotions, do not hesitate to choose the light blue color

Dark green: it is a color that is associated with nature, health, freshness and peace. An ideal color for Bookplate of floral prints!

Light green: it is the color of calm, youth and fun. Are you looking for an Bookplate for a young reading fan? Surely with this color you hit full

And these original alternatives ..

Lila: it is associated with creativity, imagination and wisdom. If you are one of those people who spend hours reading and / or writing violet is the right color for your Bookplate.


Bordeaux: it is the color that represents love and passion and is known as the color of ambiguity and inadequacy. It is the perfect stamping color if you want to give an Bookplate to the most rebellious of your friends.

Orange: Orange is associated with enthusiasm and action. It can also be related to lust and sensuality, with the divine and exaltation. If you like exciting novels, orange is the perfect color for your Bookplate

White: it is the color of peace and humility. In color psychology it means beginning and perfection. However, your Bookplate would have the inconvenience of being harmless in most of the pages of the books.

We also sign with the color

The stamping of our personalized Bookplate will be the signature or brand that we will leave in each of the books in our library and that is why it has to represent our entire personality.

Do you already know what color it represents?

Start designing your custom Bookplate step by step on our website.

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