Bookplate customized. First of all, from we welcome you to our blog. And we will give you ideas and tips to give personalized bookplate.

Here I We will be telling stories about bookplates, at the same time that we will be reporting on the news that we are incorporating.

First of all, we want you to know, that in our artisan workshop we receive your instructions with attention and we carefully assemble the Bookplate with the illusion of satisfying you.

exlibris personalizado

To whom to give an bookplate?

An Bookplate is a gift highly valued among the fans of reading, lovers of books, writers … Therefore, it is an elegant and original gift.

As we have said, the most common is that a personalized Bookplate is a very special gift for a lover of books and reading.

Have a classic or modern library.

ex libris personalizado
regalar exlibris personalizado

Why give an bookplate?

exlibris personalizado
exlibris personalizado

An Bookplate is the ideal gift for those in love with reading, wherever they go, be it on the beach or in the countryside, they are always accompanied by a good book. We all have people like that around us.

That is why we recommend giving Bookplate to all the people in your environment who always remember with a book in their hands.

The originality of our Bookplates will be the perfect complement to a library.

For that reason, to give an Bookplate, will become the perfect excuse to return to enjoy the old books, and to browse them with the intention of stamping our new Bookplate.

The most common is that an Bookplate is a gift for someone close.

Giving a personalized Bookplate is a great sign of affection and / or admiration. Because the images have to be used for making them, handles and boxes that best represent the person who will enjoy it.

Proving with it being a connoisseur of the person to whom the Bookplate is going to be given.

You can now buy your Bookplate online

Not what dudes, giving away an Bookplate is a very original option that will make a difference. You will not only get the thanks to the person who will use it, you will also be in shape constant in your memory every time you receive a book and stamp the personalized Bookplate on it. A gift once and for all life.

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