Frequent questions

In the production of our Ex libris we try to use recycled or recyclable and environmentally friendly elements whenever they are available.

Bookplate is a Latin phrase that means “from among the books”. They have existed for more than 2000 years.

An Bookplate is a stamp that you stamp on your books to identify them as your own.

They usually contain an image that represents its owner.

Yes, with our image manipulation or cartoonist service, we can turn a photo into your Bookplate.

Yes, we are the only ones who have a drawing service to turn your idea into a reality. Tell us the theme or elements you want to appear in your Bookplate and we will design it.

No, an Bookplate can only be stamped in one color. Although you can change the color of the tampon whenever you want.

The best design to send us your design is png. It is the one that offers the best results.

Yes, our Bookplates are the best present for a book lover as we ship them gift-ready. With a kraft paper bag containing the personalized box with the seal protected in a jute bag and the tampon. All fluffy between colorful tissue paper.

In addition, in the «EXTRAS» section you can include an elegant envelope where you can put the text you want dedicated to the honoree.

Yes we can make your Bookplate in the size you want. You just have to send us an email to indicating the measurements you want.

Yes, you just have to send us an email to requesting samples of the image theme you want for your Bookplate.

Our delivery times are about 10 business days, although there is a PERFERENT MANUFACTURING service that cuts this time in half.

Yes, we always try to give special treatment to Reading Clubs or groups of reading fans. The only requirement is that the purchase be of more than 5 Bookplates

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