Ex libris travelers

The Exlibris travelers are a brief representation of some of the main monuments of the world.

Therefore, from Tuexlibris.com we think that traveling is the best hobby after reading. Although for many traveling will be your first hobby, but a book is cheaper. And with a book, you can also travel.

That is why with a travel book, one can go to a thousand places, a person can know as many places as he can read about them.

One can also read a book and feel what the writer describes.

Or simply, reading a book can imagine that peculiar place that the writer tells us. But undoubtedly when you travel and see with your own eyes, touch with your fingers, smell and taste through your own senses, that is when the experience is more intense, when it really marks us indelibly.

Why buy Ex Libris Travelers?

Buy Ex libris travelers is a way to remember that trip that filled us so much, which was an experience unique and that takes away a smile every time we remember it.

Also Buying Exlibris travelers is a way to recognize our devotion to a city or culture that marked us. That attracts us as the opposite poles of the magnets attract, with an infinite force.

Also, Buy Ex libris travelers to make a gift to that special person with whom we made a trip and created something exclusive. A unique link

Or, Buy Exlibris travelers as a tribute to a very peculiar trip, boyfriends, anniversary, end of course trip, etc …

Also, Buy Ex libris travelers to give it to someone from another country as a sign of affection.

The Ex libris travelers are also a tribute.

The Ex libris travelers are also a tribute to all the thousands of books that have been written about travel. Both trips to invented places, such as more detailed examples that tell us the adventures of the most Variopintos that may exist.

In addition, we have the well-known titles of the King of Imagination, the famous French writer Jules Verne with his titles «20,000 leagues of submarine travel», «Journey to the center of the earth» and «Around the world in 80 days»

And we can not leave behind one of the most famous travel books: «The Travels of Marco Polo» perhaps, the most famous Venetian merchant in the world.

There are also other interesting examples such as the English writer Bruce Chatwin, with titles such as «In Patagonia», «The Traces of the Song» and «What do I do here?». All of them highly recommended.

As you can imagine, the list of writers and their works could be endless. Since in fact the subject travel is in itself a literary genre.

Undoubtedly, and of course, we can not leave behind all the books that have served as guides for millions of travelers who used them before the internet appeared on mobile devices. We talk about the famous «Guias de Trotamundos»

Without a doubt, these were an indispensable part of the luggage. From them came the most unusual destinations, the most original meals, the best recommendations on what to see, what to do, etc …

What Ex libris travelers have we done?

We have made the Ex libris most famous travelers, who receive more tourists or possible destinations that seem more original.

For that reason, we have the Ex libris of Eiffel Tower, Ex libris of Taj Mahal, Ex libris of the London Bridge, Ex Libris of the Mayan Pyramid (Itza) and Ex libris of the Roman Coliseum.

There are also the Exlibris of the Great Wall of China, Exlibris of the Himeji Castle (Japan), Exlibris of the Acropolis in Athens, Exlibris of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and Exlibris of the Cathedral of San Basil in Russia.

So this is just to put some examples, since this category of images would be infinite and we will incorporate more images with the passage of time.

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