BRIEF DETAIL OF THE ORIGIN OF THE BOOKPLATES Ex erotic libris. Since ancient times, human beings have had the need to mark what is their property, including books. The Latin phrase, Ex libris, can be translated as “from the books of”, and refers to property brands, such as the stamp, label or stamp, which is … Leer más

Bookplate worldwide

We send Bookplate to everyone We do Bookplate with all kinds of calligraphy and in any language Surprise a friend from another country by giving him an Bookplate. If you want to know the shipping costs to your country, send us an email to indicating where you want us to send your Bookplate.


The Bookplate of famous people of History is a new category that we present to be able to meet the demands of those who love both reading and history. Since there are many history buffs who wrote to us and requested the incorporation of this new section of images to buy personalized Bookplate and thus … Leer más

The colors to customize our bookplate

The colors to customize our Bookplate, say both of us as the hilt or the image. Therefore, it is important to consider this blog post to ensure that the customization of our Bookplate is perfect. The psychology of color The psychology of color is the “how” we react to some colors or others. And at … Leer más

Ex libris travelers

The Exlibris travelers are a brief representation of some of the main monuments of the world. Therefore, from we think that traveling is the best hobby after reading. Although for many traveling will be your first hobby, but a book is cheaper. And with a book, you can also travel. That is why with … Leer más

Bookplate online

The best bookplate online Customice your bookplate In you can customize your ex libris in an easy and fast way. Choose the handle that you like, then choose your image, or if you prefer you can upload your own image. And to finish, choose the box. Buy your personalized exlibris, and in addition, now, … Leer más


Bookplate customized. First of all, from we welcome you to our blog. And we will give you ideas and tips to give personalized bookplate. Here I We will be telling stories about bookplates, at the same time that we will be reporting on the news that we are incorporating. First of all, we want … Leer más


Now we are going to give you some small tips to customize your BOOKPLATE and thus make it a success. First tip to customize your bookplate The first thing you should do is a little reflection on the tastes or likings that have who is going to enjoy it. Think about what image It would … Leer más


In this blog post we are going to tell you some curiosities about personalized BOOKPLATES that we hope you will be able to create or design yours or that you simply like. What does the word Bookplate mean? . “Among the books” That is the literal translation of the Latin phrase “Bookplate”. Stamp, engraving, label … Leer más


In this post we want to give you some simple tips to design your own Ex libris. These simple ideas that we propose, will also serve as a script to make the design of Ex libris for another person and thus give a personalized, unique and very special Exlibris. EX LIBRIS DESIGNS The basis of … Leer más