SECOND STEP: choose the image

Once you’ve chosen the handle, you can choose an image from among categories we offer.
You can also upload your own design and customize your Exlibris.

THREE STEP: Choose the box

To complete your Exlibris pack, you’ll have to choose the box you like the most. They are all customized and uniques, as they will be marked with your chosen image.

Ex libris comprar

Cardboard box

two-tone cardboard box. Now free with almost all handles

Ex libris comprar

Metal box

Resistant and long-lasting box. Vintage style.

Ex libris comprar

Pine tree wood box

Wood is never out of fashion.

Customized Exlibris. Some examples

These are some of the Exlibris we’ve made for our customers.
All our Exlibris are handmade. We put a lot of effort in every Exlibris to make it as special as possible.

Customer reviews

The origin of Exlibris


That is the literal translation of the Latin phrase “Exlibris”. Seal, Engraving, or Label that marks the property of the copy / book / papyrus that bears it. It usually contains the name of the owner or proprietary library, accompanied by the Latin expression Exlibris. It is usually joined by an image that represents the most outstanding value of the owner.

We can find the oldest Bookplate in the British Museum in London. It belonged to Amenhotep III, the Egyptian Pharaoh of the XV century A.C.

A library filled with books marked with an Exlibris, expresses the special essence of its owner. As someone who loves books, beyond what they contain. The best example is a bibliophile. A book is a door to knowledge and experiences. And with an Exlibris it becomes an exclusive object.

Reasons to buy Ex libris.

  • An Ex libris can be used as many times as books have their owner.
  • An Ex libris will be a constant memory of the person who owns it.
  • Someone who enjoys the company of his books, deserves to treat himself.
  • Customize your books with your personalized Ex libris.
  • When the owner of the Ex libris lends a book to a friend, his mark, his gift, will travel with him.
  • For a book lover, stamping his Ex libris on a new copy is a ritual.
  • Ritual that he shares with you.
  • Buying personalized Ex libris for someone dear is a special show of love.
  • You can design an Ex libris from start to finish and create a unique gift.


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