In this blog post we are going to tell you some curiosities about personalized BOOKPLATES that we hope you will be able to create or design yours or that you simply like.

What does the word Bookplate mean?


«Among the books»

That is the literal translation of the Latin phrase «Bookplate».

Stamp, engraving, label or label that marks the property of the copy / book / papyrus that carries it.

It usually contains the name of the Owner or proprietary library, accompanied by the Latin expression exlibris.

It usually also has some image that represents the most outstanding value of the owner.

We will find the oldest bookplates in the British Museum in London. They belonged to Amenhotep III. Egyptian pharaoh of the fifteenth century BC

comprar exlibris
ex libris

More trivia about custom Bookplate

A library with Bookplate, says of the special essence of its owner.

From someone who loves books, beyond what they contain. For this reason he is the best example of a bibliophile.

Your book is the beginning of a journey without knowing the destination. And where the journey is the pages that you are reading.


A book is a window to an unknown place that you want to look at and where each page brings a new surprise.


Books are a gateway to knowledge and experiences, given that they always enrich us even if their subject matter does not satisfy us.

For all this, a book with an bookplate, becomes an exclusive copy. In something unique and personal.

First Bookplates in our history

More on personalized Bookplate.

In this post we will talk about the first of the oldest exlibris, of which we have proof. For this, we have to move in time until the year 760

In Spain, the first personalized Bookplate that has been recorded belonged to King Fruela I. Also called The Iron Man.

segundo rey de león

He was king of Asturias during a brief space of time, from the year 756 to 768.

And during his reign he fought with armies of Abderramán I and later with Vascones. Also it repopulated some places of Galicia, reformed the clergy prohibiting its marriage and founded diverse monasteries. Highlighting that of San Vicente de Oviedo, giving rise to the city of said name.

New curiosity about custom Bookplates:

With the arrival of the printing press, the use of the Bookplates began to be popularized.

Then the oldest examples used heraldic shields; also images of allegorical or symbolic content predominated (often accompanied by a motto).

Also, the typology of the images It has been diversifying a lot with the passage of time.

Being one of the most used those related to the profession, activity, guild or hobby of the owner of the book. This not only imprinted the imprint on the book, it also informed about the social category. Since most of the professions were reserved for a chosen few.

Already, in more recent times, they also found (surprisingly for the time) many Bookplates of erotic content (which usually pointed out the belonging of the copy to a collection specialized in that subject). Consequently, the Bookplate began to generate curiosity and with it to become a collector’s item. Since the fans of reading not only wanted to acquire books, they also wanted them with their Bookplates prints.


With all this, we hope that you have found interesting these curious details about the world of the Bookplates and its protagonists.

For future blog entries we will incorporate new anecdotes that you will surely enjoy. You may be interested, entry about giving personalized Bookplate.

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