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Customice your bookplate

In you can customize your ex libris in an easy and fast way. Choose the handle that you like, then choose your image, or if you prefer you can upload your own image. And to finish, choose the box. Buy your personalized exlibris, and in addition, now, FREE personalized box!

ex libris        ex libris personalizados

High quality grips for your bookplate

It will be difficult, but to begin with you must choose between our original handles. You have 17 unique and high quality models. Made in an artisan way, with care and dedication in each model.

exlibris  exlibris  ex libris online

Images for your Bookplate, 10 categories bookplate online:

  • Hobbies / Sports
  • Shields
  • Events
  • Childish
  • Pets / Animals
  • Music
  • Orlas
  • Plants / Vegetation
  • Professionals
  • General category

Think about which image represents more who is going to use the Bookplate and choose it from among the more than 150 premium images available to customize your Bookplate online.

regalar exlibris regalar exlibris  regalar exlibris

sellos exlibris  exlibris sellos  tu exlibris

Custom boxes

Presentation of your bookplate in an elegant and distinguished way. 3 unique and personalized boxes for your bookplate. With the purchase of your bookplate, this elegant two-color cardboard box is FREE.

ex libris personalizados

Or if you prefer, you can choose one of these two premium boxes in pine wood or metal box:

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