The Bookplate of famous people of History is a new category that we present to be able to meet the demands of those who love both reading and history.

Since there are many history buffs who wrote to us and requested the incorporation of this new section of images to buy personalized Bookplate and thus be able to stamp on their beloved books the images of their favorite historical figures

As we always do in we start looking images of the characters you were requesting and we incorporated them to attend your requests.

Sometimes Admired Times Hated

Some of the characters included in this new group of images for Bookplate design are not without controversy. History will judge them, they say.

Therefore, although History is really only one, it has (mainly due to the passage of time) many readings and interpretations, giving rise to mixed feelings and opposite sensations depending on who is the judge and the court. Giving rise to the famous tirade «Hero or Villain»

So in any case, to assess the acts and inheritance of these characters you have to do so by placing them in their time and answer. If we do not do so, most of them could stand out negatively by ignoring their contributions to Humanity.


Each character of this new family of images to make Bookplate, has gone down in History mainly with any of these tags, although they could possibly be marked with several of them.

We know from our protagonists that in many cases they developed in hostile environments and violence was a common means to achieve their objectives. A clear example is Napoleon. Since even today, he is still studying as one of the greatest strategists on the battlefield, although without a doubt, the human cost of his contests was very high.


Napoleón fue aclamado y repudiado por su propio pueblo.

We also met (a century later), clearly with the other side of the coin, Gandhi. It represents the opposite path by achieving its objectives through the path of peaceful civil disobedience.


And so, out of that dispute are geniuses. Privileged minds of history that have contributed to the improvement of the life of Humanity with its discoveries.


And here we come to another doubt and perhaps the most prominent example of this group may be Leonardo Da Vinci.

This enlightened character, clearly anticipated his time, his inventions and thoughts are the basis of many of the discoveries that were consolidated years ago and today we see it as normal.

The Autogyro, to show a button, as a clear precursor to the helicopter.

For those who consider themselves a misunderstood genius, this is undoubtedly the character to become his Bookplate


As we have already mentioned, we talk about remote times in the which most cultures were clearly ruled by men and although in many cases they were advised by women, their management passed unnoticed, monopolizing all the merit the man.

Undoubtedly, there will be quite a few examples of outstanding women in history, but the consensus points to Cleopatra. First great Queen breaking a tradition of only kings. And without a doubt one of the best images to design your Bookplate

exlibris cleopatra
Clopatra, protagonista de miles de historias.

With what is not until recent history when women begin to stand out more clearly, fighting for their rights and demonstrating their worth while claiming the great female contributions to the evolution of Humanity.


Yes there is something that has history, they are innumerable outstanding characters.

So here we have made a brief selection, based on your requests for your Exlibris to share these two great passions that go hand in hand. Reading and history.

Even if we wanted to, it is impossible to put all the characters that History has created or cultures have mythified. The list of images to make Bookplate would be infinite.

As we do with other categories, we offer a few images so you can make your Bookplate, and if your favorite character is not there, you can ask for it, that with We will gladly manage.

And as you know, you can also upload your image with the Design of your Bookplate.

In case you don’t have the necessary tools to design Bookplate, we can do them for you. Send us an email to with a proposal and we will attend it with great enthusiasm.

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